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Product Information

KCM Corporation provides high-quality raw materials which support the core of industries.

Electronic Components

By actively utilizing our top-tier technology that we have cultivated over the 50 years of our history, we provide ceramic materials which support the electric component industry.

Oxide powder for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC)

Piezoelectric Ceramics (lead-free)

Ceramic Raw Materials

With knowledge of materials and purification technology that we have cultivated over 80 years, we have been efficiently utilizing raw materials such as kaolin, clay, feldspar, pottery stone, and silica, etc. to the highest extent.
We provide materials for a wide range of industries, including those related to tableware, sanitary wares, tiles, and glass, and have since gained a firm trust from a large number of customers.
Our strength is based on us providing defect-free products, which is ensured by in-house chemical analysis and measurement of particle sizes.

Kaolin, Clay


Pottery stone

Borax Raw Materials


Inorganic Raw Materials

Fine Ceramic Materials

By utilizing our particle control technology that we have cultivated over 30 years, we provide fine ceramic materials that have a high-level of quality and features.

High-Purity Zirconia

High-Purity Mullite

Molybdenum Disilicate