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Message from the President

For the purpose of sustainable supply of ceramic materials to Nihon Toki Co., Ltd. (currently Noritake Co., Ltd), Toyo Toki Co., Ltd. (currently TOTO Ltd.), and Nihon Gaishi Co., Ltd. (currently NGK Insulators, Ltd.), our company was incorporated in 1936 as "Kyoritsu Genryo Co., Ltd.", which was a consolidation of the raw material divisions from the three companies.
After many years, we, currently as a member of the Noritake Group, provide various ceramic materials to customers in a wide variety of fields. During these years, we have expanded our business, starting from ceramic raw materials at the time of incorporation, to glass raw materials, electronic parts and materials, and so on.
Our strength is based on the fact that we have continued to deal with powdered materials for more than 80 years. A large number of customers have trust in our raw materials which are subtle and uniform.
We strive to provide high quality and services, and at the same time try to protect the natural environment and to use limited natural resources more efficiently.

President   Shuji Shite