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Environmental Policy

Fundamental Beliefs

KCM Corporation produces and sells of Ceramic Materials for Electronic Components, Raw Materials for Zirconia;
sales of Raw Materials for Glass Fiber, Pottery, High-performance Glass, Firebrick and Intermetallic Compounds, etc.
We strive to reduce environmental loads, namely by resource and energy saving and waste reduction, and we protect the environment.

Fundamental Policy

  1. 1. Through our production and sales activities, we strive to protect the environment by promoting resource and energy saving, preventing water pollution, reducing CO2 generation, putting chemical materials under thorough control, and reducing industrial waste.
  2. 2. We comply with the applicable environmental laws and regulations, as well as our agreements with stakeholders.
  3. 3. We maintain our system for environmental management, and strive to continuously make improvements and prevent pollution.
  4. 4. We promote environmental protection activities by setting environmental purposes and goals of our own, and establish programs to accomplish them with periodic revisions.

July 30 ,2019
President Shuji Shite