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Company History

1936 "Kyoritsu Genryo Co., Ltd." was incorporated by consolidating the raw material divisions from Nihon Toki Co., Ltd. (currently Noritake Co., Ltd), Toyo Toki Co., Ltd. (currently TOTO Ltd.), and Nihon Gaishi Co., Ltd. (currently NGK Insulators, Ltd.). Established the head manufacturing site (started production of refined kaolin)
1946 Established Amakusa Mining (mining of Amakusa pottery stones).
1947 Changed the company name to Kyoritsu Ceramics Materials Co., Ltd.
1949 Shares listed on the Nagoya Stock Exchange.
1961 Started production and sales of "KYORIX" (a synthetic powder used for ceramic capacitors) at the head manufacturing site.
1969 Started importation, production and sales of "Colemanite" (glass fiber raw material).
1970 Hishino Factory began operation (production of refined silica as a raw material) (currently called Seto Factory)
1976 Seto Warehouse began operation
1986 KZ Factory began operation (production of high-purity Zirconia powder)
1988 Yatomi Logistic Center was completed.
1990 Incorporated TAIWAN KCM COMPANY,LTD. Began sales of ceramic and industrial materials, etc.
1992 Incorporated KYORIX Mie Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary. (production of ceramic materials for electronic components)
2000 Changed the company name to KCM Corporation.
2001 Became a consolidated subsidiary of Noritake Co., Ltd.
2012 Became a wholly owned subsidiary of Noritake Co., Ltd. owing to a stock swap.
Stock was delisted.